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There is a lot to take in when you are considering the acquisition of a trawler.

  • What type of cruising are you going to do?
  • How much time out of each year do you intend to spend aboard?
  • What is the right trawler to buy?
  • How much should you budget for the purchase and for annual costs?

The information available online enables you to scrutinize the details of a particular design – all of the statistics -length, beam draft; and the equipment – thrusters, stabilizers, dinghy, etc.

The listing “narrative” is typically a glowing summary of why this boat is the perfect boat for you.  That can’t be possible, could all of those very different boats really be equally acceptable?  Of course not. This is why you are researching; to learn what you need to find out and the deeper you get into the details, the better you will understand the differences.

Lost in most comparisons is a vital component – the seller.

  • Who is this person or people?
  • Why are they selling?
  • What type of cruising have they done?
  • How well have they looked after the boat?
  • Are they like me, what type of people are they?

At JMYS we think this is information you might want to know; the why’s, where’s and how’s from the owner/seller point of view.

As a buyer who turns into an owner, you too will one day be a seller.

Most of our selling clients enjoy talking about special times aboard and are happy to share their thoughts. We have a loose collection of questions we like to ask, but just like every boat is different, so is every one of these interviews.

When the owners recollect their decision making process and think back about their travels, we learn a lot more about their trawlers by hearing special things they remember.

To help you gain more insight, we created this series we call “Brokerage Backstory”, an informal, but hopefully enlightening Q and A with sellers whose trawlers we have listed for sale.  We believe that their perspectives will help you understand what they were thinking and what they have encountered in the hope this will help build up your well of knowledge.

Purchasing a trawler is a big financial decision and a lifestyle choice.  It is essential to take the time to determine which trawler is the right one for you and the type of cruising you intend to enjoy.

Every trawler becomes a book filled with chapters of experiences.  The best people to share those stories are the owners who authored the adventure.

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