Once you have selected your professional yacht broker, you should then work closely with them to build your trawler buying team. As a regular presenter for PassageMaker magazine’s TrawlerFest series of events, Jeff has for many years given an excellent course, called “Purchasing A Trawler” that has helped a lot of people with their yacht buying process.

Kadey-Krogen 48 Fishermans Bay Lopez Island San-Juan's - Building Your Trawler Buying TeamJeff has outlined the essentials that a trawler buyer should consider as they research the trawler market to find the best fit for their intended purposes. One of the class handouts for students attending Jeff’s popular and helpful course is called “Building your Trawler Buying Team”. It is available here for you as a free download.

For years, JMYS has made this information available only after first registering with us. Many boat buyers have asked for permission to download this document privately and would prefer to not provide their contact information. We respect that you may wish to do most of your research anonymously before you are ready to move forward and select your broker.

This is very important information for an informed buyer to review and we have decided to make it available to all boat shoppers. We are strong proponents of sharing information to improve your experience.

Please connect with the JMYS team to learn more about our marine industry contacts.

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