Any search for a used trawler will involve a “due diligence” analysis of the vessel. Just about every lender and insurance underwriter will require a recent survey to be submitted in order to qualify for the loan and bind the insurance.   The role of a marine surveyor is to systematically inspect the vessel both in and out of the water to provide a professional opinion on condition and suitability. Another important finding the marine surveyor will offer is the estimated value of the vessel. Surveyors are very important players in the “job” of helping you buy a boat. It is my recommendation that you work with your yacht broker to identify a list of three or four surveyors to consider and then interview them (by phone) as if you are hiring an employee – because that is what the relationship is. They work for you and it is their job to identify issues of concern. You want to hire someone who you are comfortable with and whom you trust will make a detailed effort to evaluate the boat you are contemplating spending a great deal of money to buy.

Beneteau Swift 34 Baltimore

In addition to a hull valuation survey, we strongly recommend an engine/mechanical survey of the machinery by a marine diesel mechanic including pulling oil samples and load tests on batteries (this is a separate evaluation, rarely conducted by the same person).

For years, JMYS has made this information available only after first registering with us. Many boat buyers have asked for permission to download this document privately and would prefer to not provide their contact information. We respect that you may wish to do most of your research anonymously before you are ready to move forward and select your broker.

This is very important information for an informed buyer to review and we have decided to make it available to all boat shoppers. We are strong proponents of sharing information to improve your experience.

The JMYS team has a network of surveyors in multiple locations that we can introduce our clients in order to help them make the best choice. These regional lists are constantly changing as we evaluate the results from each survey we attend.

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