Here are eight tips for buying a trawler.

  1. Buy the smallest boat that is big enough for the typical crew size on board and the type of cruising you intend to do.
  1. Your best value when buying a trawler is almost always going for a used trawler (but keep your eye out for a great deal on a late model stock boat in dealer inventory).
  1. Make your money when you buy the boat (don’t expect to sell your trawler for more than you paid).
  1. Figure out what you can afford up front and go into the hunt with a realistic budget and pre-qualified financing.
  1. Get on as many trawlers as you can (even those that don’t seem to meet your profile) and see how well you fit, what the visibility is like and how comfortable you feel.
  1. If it seems like a deal that is too good to be true, it probably is. One of the best negotiating strategies when buying a trawler is the ability to walk away from something that doesn’t feel right, you WILL find another boat.
  1. This is an emotional purchase, try to be sensible and assemble a team of professionals to help you evaluate your purchase with practical advice.
  1. Purchase price is only the beginning. You have to allow for additional costs after the initial purchase.  There are expenses required to make the trawler your own, fix items that need attention, consumables and provisioning, and you must account for annual costs like insurance and slip rent.

Fleming 55 - 8 Buyer Tips