While you are aspiring to own a trawler and thinking about what type of trawler is best for you there is a seemingly unlimited number of choices. It all starts with appearances and what you find attractive.

As you continue your research you will learn more about steel and fiberglass hulls, fast boats and slow boats.  Some are marina queens, others offshore castles. But each is loved by their owner.

Most of our clients own a trawler so they can cruise and explore, seeking adventure – they are owner/operators who love the freedom and responsibility of being out on their own.

When talking to a new convert about which trawler to buy, we often mention two things.

  1. The Dog analogy.  We don’t know how many breeds of dogs there are, but we know from experience that most dog owners are fiercely devoted to their faithful companions (and it is often strangely true that many people look like their dog). So, an ugly looking mutt to one person may be the perfect loyal sidekick to another.  If you think of the different trawler brands as dog breeds, you want to find one that is most compatible to you and remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. (And if you are a cat person there are always catamarans!).
  2. The Row away test. The best way to know you bought the right trawler is if you look back to admire your beauty at anchor while rowing or motoring in your dinghy back to shore.  There is a lot of satisfaction and gratification in knowing you own a brand you can be proud of and continue to admire.

In this section we offer a wide variety of trawlers allowing you to visually take ownership and picture yourself…