Entering into trawler sales as a buyer, whether this is the first time or you are a “repeat offender”, can be a daunting, potentially overwhelming proposition.  There are so many decisions you have to make and a lot of things to think about that you may not even realize are important.

Most buyers, like you, are successful, career driven individuals who are used to figuring out what is it they want and determined to get whatever that is.   You will do it your way, because you always have – the research, inquiries, and self education… all the important steps you normally take to arrive at the best decision.

When it comes time to consider the capital outlay for your trawler sales please keep in mind that this will most assuredly result in your acquisition of a depreciating asset, but at the same time will likely be one of the most rewarding and life enriching experiences you will ever have.

Kadey-Krogen Life Support Sun-Set - Trawler AdvocateAs a buyer, not knowing how the boat brokerage business works, you will see a trawler of interest and contact the listing broker – why wouldn’t you?  What you don’t realize is that this simple request actually “creates a relationship” between you as the buyer and the sellers listing agent.  The listing agent probably won’t mention this to you, but you have just become a “lead”.  The listing brokers’ primary focus will be in qualifying your true prospects of being a buyer.

The most common trawler purchasing situation is a buyer contacting the listing agent and ultimately buying the trawler.  This is a perfect scenario for the broker as it is much easier on the sales side for the broker to control of both sides of the deal.  The word “control” is used intentionally, as in you the buyer have lost the control that you normally would never relinquish in your regular life…

If there is one crucial piece of advice that overweighs all others in trawler sales, it is that you will be miles ahead of the game if you align yourself with a true trawler sales professional to help guide you along the path.  

Several years ago the concept of a “Buyer’s Broker” became popular in real estate and in a natural progression of similar industries, what works in residential real estate usually translates over to the yacht brokerage business including this program.  From your perspective as a buyer this makes a lot of sense.  Essentially you are pledging to commit to the professional representation of  one broker and that same broker pledges to work diligently on your behalf to help you find a trawler to purchase.

  • You control the selection of the broker you want to represent you.
  • The broker knows you are not only serious in the hunt, but are also not out shopping around and involving other brokers so your broker has a dedicated commitment to help you find the best value trawler.
  • Your broker will “pull out the stops” and focus on what you want and what you need – identifying what “hurdles” must be cleared and getting through the timeline.
  • Your broker will be a much better listener if he or she knows that you have hired them to be your go-to person.
  • Your broker can do leg work and research on your behalf knowing that there will be a reward in the form of a pay day commission when the right boat is found and the transaction is closed.
  • Much of the purchasing burden shifts away from you as the buyer and the broker you have entrusted is enabled to guide the process through all of the necessary steps – helping you assemble your trawler buying team budget/banking, insurance, types of boats to evaluate, writing an offer and negotiating.
  • Your broker can network with colleagues and clients to perhaps find a trawler that is not formally listed for sale, but might be available under the right circumstances.
  • You don’t have to email or call about trawlers you see, you can now channel all of this through your broker and retain your privacy and avoid annoying follow up from a sales person whom you don’t want to hear from again.

Establishing a close relationship in the form of a commitment from the buyers side AND brokers side is a powerful tool in trawler sales to help you get the most trawler for your money.

In the cruising powerboat market you will be happier with your final decision if you select whom you would like to have on your side as a Trawler Consultant.